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WELCOME to Successful Consulting, LLC
Facilitating people in Researching and finding assistance and offering guidance to help them with their needs.

"At Successful Consulting, LLC we enable individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations to find resources and generate income that can assist them with their needs. We also educate individuals and businesses on how to start their own fundraising campaign to help raise money for their vision.We have expertise in mentoring clients that can benefit from an E-Commerce business offering professional web design, product optimization, SEO/traffic creation and business filing. We specialize in locating a broad range of assistance opportunities such as financial, medical assistance, debt solutions, home assistance programs (repairs, foreclosures, etc.), business opportunities and giveaways.  We take pride in assisting our clients and look forward to assisting you."
Our Research Specialists  are dedicated in researching financial and other qualifying forms of assistance based on individuals needs.  We have a comprehensive assessment with our clients to best match them with all the qualified opportunities, often more than what clients are aware of. Our clients enjoy having designated Research Specialists that assist them throughout the process of applying and obtaining the assistance. Our knowledgeable research team spends hours locating funding opportunities for our clients and continually find new assistance sources to offer them. Successful Consultants also has Experienced Professionals that provide professional writers to help with and document preparation. If you are a student who needs research for a project or you have a business that needs innovated products we can provide the research needed.

Successful Consulting, LLC receives referrals from different advertisers regarding clients who need assistance. All customers are required to sign an invoice for all service provided by Successful Mentoring. All material is sent out to customers through UPS with a signed signature from client. All customers are required to verify mailing and shipping address, AVS code and credit card information before any charge has been taken. Successful Consulting, LLC  does not have any reoccurring charges.